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The Gulf’s first sex shop 27, May 2010

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A (rather brave) Bahraini woman has opened the Gulf’s first sex shop. Khadija Ahmed is adamant that she is performing a public duty and is saving people’s marriages by spicing up things in the bedroom.

She has fallen afoul of the law, however, after insulting a customs official as she was importing some of her sex aids and games. What a truly pathetic man that must have been to prosecute someone because he was offended. Obviously enough customs are less than thrilled with the products that she is importing (though I bet most of are desperately curious to visit her shop).

This comes not long after an entrepreneurial Muslim opened a sex shop in Amsterdam

US announce expansion of Bahrain navy base (again) 27, May 2010

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The US Navy is to spend nearly $600 million upgrading and expanding their navy base in Bahrain. Whilst part of this was announced some time ago, it appears that this is yet another expansion of port facilities. Clearly, they are not planning to go anywhere anytime soon.

(Incidentally, is that not the most ridiculous picture? I can almost see the incredulity on the faces of the Bahraini royals “You want ME to pick up a SHOVEL??” I bet they were chauffeured home as quickly as possible so their servants could give their hands a thorough – yet gentle – scrubbing…)

On the need to learn Arabic 27, May 2010

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“This American is a donkey who can’t read Arabic. Your brother, Abu Jihad.”

One of my (many millions of) eagle-eyed readers pointed out that the soldier should surely have some kind of insignia visible? No? Isn’t that more or less mandatory? Any thoughts? Special forces? Getting dressed?

A kindly hat-doff to said reader.