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The Gulf’s first sex shop 27, May 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Bahrain.
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A (rather brave) Bahraini woman has opened the Gulf’s first sex shop. Khadija Ahmed is adamant that she is performing a public duty and is saving people’s marriages by spicing up things in the bedroom.

She has fallen afoul of the law, however, after insulting a customs official as she was importing some of her sex aids and games. What a truly pathetic man that must have been to prosecute someone because he was offended. Obviously enough customs are less than thrilled with the products that she is importing (though I bet most of are desperately curious to visit her shop).

This comes not long after an entrepreneurial Muslim opened a sex shop in Amsterdam


1. julianna - 27, May 2010


crazy and ridiculas!

2. Abu Arqala - 28, May 2010

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