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Saudis to mediate between Bahrain and Qatar 28, May 2010

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Saudi Arabia is set to mediate between Qatar and Bahrain over the Bahraini nomination for GCC Secretary General. The rotating position which is Bahrain’s to fill this time around may well be the core issue of recent Qatari Bahraini disputes. Mohammed Al Mutawa is the former Bahraini information minister. Qatar seem to have a healthy dislike of him because of his role as head of publicity in the ICJ Qatar-Bahrain border dispute.

One must wonder whether Saudi will be as subtle as the last  time they mediated between Qatar and Bahrain. Then, if I am remembering my facts correctly, there was some territorial issue over a coral reef/island that was part submerged part of the time. Nevertheless, as is the way with these things, this reef assumed bizarre importance. The Saudi solution? Quite literally bulldoze the reef into the sea; destroy it…et voila…no more issue. Effective, I suppose.


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