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Israel to be world’s 4th largest arms exporter 6, June 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
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The Israeli Defense Ministry has announced that it expects to have sold some $8 billion worth of arms by the end of 2010. This will make it the world’s 4th largest arms exporter after the U.S., Russia and France.


1. i - 7, June 2010

What’s your point?

davidbroberts - 7, June 2010

No point; just information. If I’d had a particular point in mind I’d have written about it. That’s generally the way things tend to work. I find that if I try to get my points across telepathically, I tend to have a bit of difficulty.

2. i - 8, June 2010

“If I’d had a particular point in mind I’d have written about it.”

But you did write about it. so, I ask again, why?

davidbroberts - 8, June 2010

It struck me as an interesting point…what can I say? I guess I spent less than – quite literally – 120 seconds writing these 35 words…no nefarious or conspiracy-ridden ulterior motives are afoot here. But then again, if I did have some conspiratorial and nefarious goal in mind, that’s exactly what I would say…

3. Michael Redbourn - 23, July 2010

I found the initial post interesting and useful.

My son mentioned that it must cost Israel a fortune to using very expensive missiles against kassams.

I quoted the mentioned statistic and added that Israel earned so much money from the sale of arms, that what it cost it to use them paled in comparison.

Israel has one of the few growing economies right now and a healthy surplus.


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