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Gulf News’ unadulterated anti-semitism 7, June 2010

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The Gulf News out does itself in this example of egregiously anti-Semitic sentiment. As if to try to out perform the host of atrocious newspapers across the Middle East, the Gulf News, a hopelessly bland, emasculated and talentless newspaper, really pulls out all the stops with this classic. Yet another triumph for Arab newspapers.

I think and have said that on this occasion – as many before – Israel was mostly, if not vastly, in the wrong. Yet this kind of pathetic demonization of one side is just really so unhelpful. I truly hate this kind of populist (or purportedly populist) pandering of newspapers to the very lowest common denominator in society. The absolute definition of the gutter press.

Qatar Bahrain bridge ‘on hold’ 7, June 2010

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In a move that will come as a surprise to absolutely no-one, the ‘friendship’ bridge set to link Qatar and Bahrain has been put on hold.

The project has been dogged with issues, delays and squabbles from the very start. In light of recent ‘fraternal issues’ between the two states, it was inevitable that the project would be put on hold. With Bahrain’s finances relying ever more on real-world economics, more and more of the burden of the cost of the bridge is believed to be falling in Qatar – safe, secure and cocooned in their rentier built economy, yet still begrudging to pay so much.