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Gulf News’ unadulterated anti-semitism 7, June 2010

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The Gulf News out does itself in this example of egregiously anti-Semitic sentiment. As if to try to out perform the host of atrocious newspapers across the Middle East, the Gulf News, a hopelessly bland, emasculated and talentless newspaper, really pulls out all the stops with this classic. Yet another triumph for Arab newspapers.

I think and have said that on this occasion – as many before – Israel was mostly, if not vastly, in the wrong. Yet this kind of pathetic demonization of one side is just really so unhelpful. I truly hate this kind of populist (or purportedly populist) pandering of newspapers to the very lowest common denominator in society. The absolute definition of the gutter press.


1. i - 8, June 2010

This kind of “article” shouldn’t come as a surprise to an honest observer of middle east affairs.
This is how Arabs view the jews and Israel.
No feag leaves.

davidbroberts - 8, June 2010

Indeed, unfortunately, this is many how Arabs – not all Arabs – view Israel.

At the same time, Israel’s portrayal of everyone in, say, Gaza, as blood-thirsty terrorists it equally erroneous and broad-brush. The Middle East – all sides – is in serious need of nuance.

2. cg - 8, June 2010

Why do you think this is unadulterated anti-Semitism, as opposed to simply anti-Zionism? Of course the caricature is striking and crude, but can it be viewed as a representation of the country’s behavior and not a symbol of Jews or Judaism?

3. Johnx - 9, June 2010

The term ‘anti-semitism’ is a trite and over-used phrase contrary to what is trying to be said. Arabs are semites, as are jews and Christians. In a religious context, the term ‘Semitic’ can refer to the religions associated with Judaism, Christianity and Islam; they are often described as “Semitic religions” (irrespective of language family spoken by their adherents).
Anti-zionist is a more apt term.
Great blog by the way, a true fan.

davidbroberts - 9, June 2010

Anti-semitism has simply become a catch-all phrase used and abused by all and sundry. It is, as Johnx points out, losing its meaning if indeed it has any coherent meaning left. Moreover, your point about the separation of Jews from Israel, so to speak, is wholly valid. Indeed, I shall try to be smarter with my use of these phrases in the future.

Thanks for the comment.

Johnx – thanks muchly for your thoughts and continued patronage.

4. Johnx - 9, June 2010

After stepping down off my soapbox I felt a lot better! On the contrary- thank you for putting up your thoughts and opinions on here.

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