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Masdar to build world’s largest solar plant 9, June 2010

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Masdar city, Abu Dhabi’s carbon neutral pet project, is to build the world’s largest “single-site” solar power plant. It will cost some $600 million. That seems quite cheap to me.  The contract has been split between a Spanish and a French company.

Catholics doing what they’re best at 9, June 2010

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If it needed to be proven that I have a healthy disdain for all religions…

Hat tip: Barry Glendenning

Qatar: woman jailed for 7 years for dropping/throwing Quran 9, June 2010

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In an absurd judicial decision usually the preserve of Emirati and Saudi courts an Irish woman has been jailed for 7 (seven) years by a Qatari court for dropping/throwing a Quran.

Last September she entered the Mosque at Doha International Airport, picked up a Quran and either dropped it or threw it, depending on who you believe. Whilst there is, of course, no way that she will actually serve seven years in prison, it still makes an utter mockery of the Qatari judicial system that someone can be jailed for such a ‘crime’. Truly I can’t express the utter derision (and anger) that I feel at reading this story. Indeed, it’s perhaps best to stop writing here lest I get accused of some pathetically absurd crime or other.