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Salacious burka advert 10, June 2010

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The following video is, as they say, well salacious. For those of you of a weak or religious constitution, save yourself the heartache and don’t watch it.


1. Noor al Haqiqa - 1, August 2010

When people have spoken to me of the “crime of the burka” I have several responses. First, having seen them in various countries, they are different. In some countries they are quite beautiful. In others just covering.

But then I add, one never does know what is beneath that dowdy fabric. It could be another few layers of clothing; a chic dress for a party removed upon reaching one’s destination; the woman could be nude underneath it. The point of the burka is to give her privacy.

I have found many men look at the burka as rather sexy because of the mystery and the eyes only carry messages. I have also seen young men in Arabia attack modest women in burkas because they were sexual bullies but claim the attack was due to the eyes or the sexy walk (impossible) or tightness of the burka. Always the woman’s fault, they being mere males could not help themselves in the face of a female.

I really do not understand what this video is supposed to mean.

2. asus Eee - 29, September 2011

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