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UAE GDP per Emirate and tax 29, June 2010

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Once every six months or so there is an article in the Gulf press – no doubt studiously ignored by the rulers – which calls for some kind of tax imposition. The latest article is more interesting than most as it comes with some figures on each Emirate’s contribution to the UAE’s overall GDP.

2008 UAE GDP: $254 billion

Abu Dhabi: $141 billion

Dubai: $82 billion

Sharjah: $19.6 billion

Ras Al Khaimah: $4.3 billion

Ajman: $3 billion

Fujairah: $2.7 billion

Umm Al Qaiwain: $1 billion

Jail for Dubai DJ with cannabis in his blood 29, June 2010

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A British DJ has been sent to jail in Dubai for 4 years for having traces of cannabis in his blood. No cannabis was found in his possession.

The Emirate is well-known for its absurd harsh anti-drugs policy. Though Dubai’s police aren’t good enough to catch over thirty Mossad agents sauntering through Dubai and killing a Hamas commander, they have arrested and prosecuted other visitors for carrying 2.16g and 0.0002g of cannabis as well as 0.5g of hashish and 2 poppy seeds. Nice to see they have their priorities in the right place.

Clearly the government and police need to pursue such a draconian policy to act as a moral counterweight to all of Dubai’s debauchery. With a silent minority/majority of Emiratees unhappy at Dubai’s ‘westernisation’ replete with legions of prostitutes and drinking culture, these kinds of petty symbolic efforts are there – like the proverbial finger in a Dike – to appease locals and for officials to save face.