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More Gulf fishing issues 5, July 2010

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The trials and tribulations of fisherman in the Gulf continue. Eleven Asian fisherman from Saudi Arabia crossed mistakenly into Emirati waters and were arrested. They maintain that they did this mistakenly. It is not known whether they had GPS or not.

Whilst is seems likely that they crossed accidentally, smuggling cannot be ruled out.  In January this year, for example, two Iranians were caught smuggling two others into Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE.

UAE refuses to refuel Iranian planes 5, July 2010

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A few reports have emerged stating that all Emirati airports have joined Germany and the U.K. in refusing to refuel any Iranian passenger aircraft.

This is a part of the recent U.S. sanctions package against Iran. It highlights (if it needed to be highlighted) Abu Dhabi’s control over U.A.E. policy to the detriment of Iran-friendly Dubai.


Somewhat unsurprisingly a raft of reports have emerged this morning stating that Iranian planes are in fact being refueled in the U.A.E.

World’s most expensive city 5, July 2010

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The annual Mercer survey of the world’s most expensive city for expatriates has been released.

Ordinarily one would expect the likes of Tokyo, Geneva, New York, London or Moscow to top such lists. However, some severe lateral thinking or staggering guess-work is required if one is to guess the top city of 2010.

Think developing city in a (very) developing country. Think far, far, far outside the box. Think post-war torn, oil-fuelled, development induced white land-cruiser plagued hyperinflationary hole…closer; though the field is still fairly wide.

Luanda…capital of Angola. Anyone have that?

1. Luanda

2. Tokyo

3. Ndjamena (Chad, of course)

4. Moscow

5. Geneva