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Al Jazeera sues Egypt’s Al Ahram 6, July 2010

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The perpetual battle between Qatar’s Al Jazeera and various other Middle Eastern media outlets has taken another twist.

A Qatari daily reports that Al Jazeera has filed lawsuits against Egypt’s Al Ahram for “false and distorted reports” relating to coverage of the resignation of five Al Jazeera female presenters. They are demanding £5 million damages.

Memri further reports that Al Ahram’s owners along with other Egyptian papers criticised the story in an attempt to fend off Al Jazeera’s suits, to no apparent avail.


1. Ahmed - 8, July 2010

I am with Al-Jazeera. Al-Ahram did not tackle the issue in a professional manner; and thou shalt be punished!.

2. Mohammed - 5, November 2010

Al-Jazeera is run by a bunch of radical pig shit eating scumb bags.

Fuck Al-Jazeera

thegulfblog.com - 5, November 2010

Are you Egyptian by any chance?

3. aljazeeraurmother - 4, May 2011

fuck al jazeera… zionist dick suckers.

thegulfblog.com - 7, May 2011

Umm…not quite sure I agree with this erudite and well thought-out comment…

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