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100,000 and counting 13, July 2010

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Dear all,

This congratulations balloon is neither for me nor thegulfblog.com but […self-depreciating cough…] for you, dear reader. For your kind patronage over the last however long it’s been has propelled thegulfblog.com to a whopping 100,000 hits: quite the landmark and one that I never envisioned.

Thanks so much and here’s hoping for your continued time, support and insightful comments.

شكرا جزيلا

David B Roberts


A special thank-you must go to Abu Arqala whose frequent comments are (annoyingly) often more interesting than the original post. Also abstract JK and the Windy City Iman have a special place in the blog’s heart for various jolly good reasons.


1. AbuArqala - 13, July 2010

الأخ داود

الف مبروك و مبروك على انجازك الممتاز

او قد يكون احسن ان اقول 100001 مبروك

بالنسبه لي وتعليقاتي اسمي مناسب جدا — مزعج جدا

ابو عرقلة

davidbroberts - 13, July 2010

مفي مشكلة يا أستاذ….
شكرا مرة أخرى

2. WCI - 14, July 2010

Mabruk! The Windy City Imam sends his congratulations. Here’s to another 100,000 soon!

3. barelynoticeable - 14, July 2010

Congrats! I enjoy checking in with your blog and catching some of the news we somehow don’t get elsewhere 🙂

4. Abstract JK - 16, July 2010

May God grant you 100,000 more and bestow upon you a long life.

davidbroberts - 16, July 2010

And you too.

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