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Saudi: we want more polygamy 15, July 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Saudi Arabia.
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Seemingly there’s a new campaign being launched in Saudi by amorous young men promoting the virtues of polygamy. This is reacting to an increasing amount of young women who are rejecting the opportunity to enter into polygamous marriages in the Kingdom. I’m sure women will come a-flocking.

Hat tip: The Windy City Imam


1. Anonymous - 15, July 2010

For fuck sake!

As if the Arabs aren’t trouble enough to women

davidbroberts - 16, July 2010


2. Anonymous - 18, July 2010

Maybe if more young Saudi men could -would get decent jobs, and woman would demand an amount young men could afford (nix the exorbitant Maher), then they could could get a first wife – and stop young women from being forced into making decisions to marry older men with additional wives.

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