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Fatwas to be vetted by Ministry 3, August 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Islam, Saudi Arabia.
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In a potentially devastating blow to bloggers looking for an easy laugh and post at the expense of absurd Saudi muftis, it appears that Saudi is establishing a kind of fatwa quality control system. The Ministry of Islamic Affairs has decreed that they will now have to sift through proposed fatwas by Islamic scholars before they can be widely published by the media.

Quite astutely […] some Islamic cleric in the Ministry or other noticed that absurd random fatwa issuing over trivial issues “gives a bad impression about the Kingdom being an Islamic state.” Do you think!

Still, panic not blog readers and other consumers of such silly fatwas, I’m sure that the Ministry will let through a few special ones to keep the lunatic fringe happy. Inshallah.

Hat tip: Abstract JK


1. AbuArqala - 5, August 2010

There is another country you can look to for crazy statements.

A reliable and copious source.


You’re not a bike rider are you?

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