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Wikileaks founder charged with rape and molestation 21, August 2010

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Julian Assange, the founder of the controversial Wikileaks whistle-blowing website, has been charged in Sweden with rape and molestation. He has denied the charges.

Assange seems to be of a rather paranoid frame of mind, spending much of his time travelling from place to place, not wanting to be resident in any one place for too long. Though, given some of his recent revelations, perhaps this is not that bad an idea. CNN reports that he does spend a significant amount of time in Sweden thanks to their robust privacy laws.

His most recent 76,000 page release of secret documents pertaining to the Afghan War further aroused anger in America and elsewhere. Many people, charging that he is too cavalier with secret information that may cause harm, may well be happy to see this turn of events if it leads to the slowing down of such leaks in the future.


1. Paul Vincent - 21, August 2010

The arrest warrant’s been withdrawn. The rape charge is without basis according to the prosecutor. Very fishy. Assange must be nuts.


davidbroberts - 22, August 2010

Indeed, I was just about to point that out. It is all quite curious.

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