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Compulsory Arabic for Israeli pupils 25, August 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
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Authorities in Israel are introducing a programme making it compulsory to study Arabic in state schools. The test will run in 170 schools in Northern Israel.

It is hoped that it can foster something of a ‘cultural bridge’ to promote tolerance between Jews and Arabs. The BBC further notes that Arab students are required to learn Hebrew.


1. xoussef - 26, August 2010

They curse in Arabic so they might as well learn the rest.. Call me a cynic, but I think learning the language will mainly serve to hate for “better” reasons.

davidbroberts - 26, August 2010

You’re a cynic. But thanks for commenting.

2. idit - 26, August 2010

There is nothing new about pupils learning Arabic in Israeli schools.
The main novely is that the studies will begin in the fifth grade and not in the sixth or seventh.
Good thing too.

davidbroberts - 26, August 2010

I realise it’s been going on for some time, I thought that it was the fact that it was being mandated that was newsworthy.

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