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Kuwaiti MP wants subsidy for second wife 25, August 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Kuwait.
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In a country with subsidies for gas, electricity, water, medical care, fuel, food, loans, education and housing where the state guarantees jobs in the bloated public sector where wages have gone up 22% per year since 2000, one might think that there are no other possible benefits that a Kuwaitis could bleat for. However, one would be wrong. A Kuwaiti MP has put a proposal in front of Parliament for Government subsidies for men to get a second wife.

This proposal, which is designed to reduce the “problem” of the number of unmarried women would be  – presumably – in addition to the $14,000 that men get for marrying in the first place.

What’s next? Subsidies for having sex?


1. zaydoun - 25, August 2010

And this guy is supposedly one of the slightly less bonkers MPs

It won’t stop… that’s what happens when you keep feeding the monster, it will never ever be satisfied and will just keep asking for more

2. albina - 31, August 2010

yes you are right Zaydoun… totaly agree with you…
im a russian ( good , pretty, smart , sometimes getting crazy ;D , ) women…
and i love the guy from kuwait.. i see him like a men, owner , husband, father of my child..
and im ready to do anything he say for him…
but there is a problem to get married… documents, kuwait ministry wich always refuse any paper, and the visa .. entery visa to kuwait… 2 y. we having this problem .. but we still together …. and i wont everybody to know as much difficolt that much more we wont this, woever how much money u will give ..
people must live in happines and love… they money will not take for long..
one day they will finish….thing before you do anything…

hope everyone a happy life…

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