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Piggy censorship 9, September 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in The Gulf.
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Here’s the latest example of Gulfy piggy censorship.

For recent followers, here’s an old article I wrote earlier on this topic some time ago.


1. Kawthar - 9, September 2010

Back when I was in school, I had a friend who was attending an Islamic school.

She showed me her school’s heavily censored version of “The Three Little Pigs”; they weren’t content with only blackening out the pictures of the pigs, and every mention of the word pig was censored.

davidbroberts - 9, September 2010

Nice. Was that in Kuwait too?

2. xoussef - 9, September 2010

Thins like that makes you feel hopeless. There is nothing against pigs in Islam other than the interdiction of eating it, there is controversy if you can use the hide yes, but either than that, Muslims can even hunt boar and farm pigs to sell to non Muslims…
I don’t understand how they justify this other than having tons of civil servants who have nothing to do other than track pigs and censor them)

3. Ravi - 10, September 2010


Keeps the lads busy and employed………

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