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The US $60 billion Saudi arms deal 15, September 2010

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America is to sell around $60 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia in the largest deal of its kind in US history. 84 F-15 fighter jets; 70 Apache, 72 Black Hawk and 36 Little Bird helicopters; and upgrading up to 70 existing fighters are just some of the bits and pieces involved in the deal.

Ordinarily, such a deal would arouse significant angst and anger in Congress, fearing that such tech could one day be used against Israel. However, with the Iranian threat looming large – as far as America and in particular Congress and Israel are concerned – selling such high-tech weaponry to Saudi is seen as a good hedge.

Still, there are suggestions that the F-15s will not be fitted with the very latest technology, in deference to Israel. And Tel Aviv will, by the expected delivery times, have the more capable F-35s.


1. Paul - 15, September 2010

I’ve heard that the Saudis only buy weapons to please the US, that most of the weapons lie rusting in hangars.

davidbroberts - 15, September 2010

There is some truth to this I think in that the main issue with Saudi and other Gulf countries buying high-tech weaponry is that they can’t use it. Though numerous training programmes come along with these deals, the caliber of officer/pilot/tank driver etc is often criminally low. I spoke to an advanced tank instructor in a Gulf country that taught the country’s elite who wouldn’t turn up to class, left early, snoozed at the desk etc.

2. Anonymous - 16, September 2010

I suspect the Israelis will be lucky to get the F35 before the Saudi’s start getting this. They’re not supposed to get their hands on more than 6 before 2017, and the F35 programme hasn’t been good at hitting deadlines so far.

3. Tim - 16, September 2010

Imagine the battlefield bonanza for Iran as GCC armies take up their secondary defensive positions in the discos of Cairo and Tunis. And even when you’re flying first class there is a limit on carry on luggage so they’ll have to leave all that advanced weaponry at home.

4. Anonymous - 16, September 2010

Its money laundering on a grand scale – saudis extract oil, sell oil to West, recieve money in $$$, they dont know what to do with it – so buy weapons they dont and wont use, theses weapons rust away and the cycle starts all over again.

Well atleast some middle men will be making a mint because of this deal….!

Iran a threat to Arabs…No! Arab regimes find it threathening is the Islamic Republic, represents the will of its people as opposed to the various Arab govt. who kow tow to the USA/Europe and fear their own population more then any external threat

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