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Beck’s book review 20, September 2010

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Do we think that they have this there because they want to highlight the snide snippyness of Stewart? Alas I genuinely think that it’s a lovely mistake.


1. Rohanv - 20, September 2010

Sadly not, considering the other quote is, “leading the lunatic fringe.” Intentional.

davidbroberts - 20, September 2010

Fair point!

2. Abu Arqala - 20, September 2010

I believe this is deliberate.

Victimization is a key element in the mythology of the right in the USA.

One key tenet is that the liberal elites (un American in their very essence) scorn and abuse the common people for their native wisdom. And use the Federal Govt which is their captured tool to impose alien, un American and atheistic ways on the sturdy (non coastal) yeoman. Those who live in Sarah Palin’s “pro American” parts of America.

Thomas Frank wrote about this phenomenon in “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”

One can hear the echoes of Pierre Poujade in much of this and the Tea Party rhetoric.

The condescending condemnation from Time and Stewart prove that Dr. Beck is a good American. Why else their scorn?

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