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Normal service 20, September 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Random.

Dearest readers,

Normal service will now be resumed. (More) apologies for the sporadic summer service. Now that I’ve finished my summer’s work and I’m back from walking here, drinking here and a bit more walking here, I’ll get back to the blog as a time-honored way to put off writing my PhD dissertation.




1. Abu Arqala - 20, September 2010

God’s country!

And a bit of God’s favorite music.

davidbroberts - 20, September 2010

God’s country? That’s Yorkshire isn’t it?!

2. Abu Arqala - 20, September 2010

Well, as an American, I think I know what God is thinking at least that’s what my politicians tell me.

Though they claim that Owain Glyn Dwr said it was Cymru.

Besides isn’t there a political thing here White and Red roses and all that?

Next you’ll probably admit to be Tottenham FC fan.

davidbroberts - 20, September 2010

I most certainly will not be admitting to being a Spurs fan: such chips on their shoulders! I’m a Boro fan but have had had a sneaking respect for the Gunners since the days of John Jensen, Stefan Schwartz, Ian Wright and, alas, – etched into my memory – Nayim. ‘Howay the lads and all that!

3. Abu Arqala - 20, September 2010

It’s the patriotic thing to do since Hotspur led a revolt against Henry IV.

Not of course to be confused with Henri de Percy d. 1314 who wisely refused to fight at Bannockburn.

As to the Gunners, this I believe is one of those occasions where both theology and science have come to the same conclusion.

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