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Yemen sacks chess team after Israeli match 22, September 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Yemen.
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Yemeni authorities sacked their national chess team after it emerged that they played a match against Israeli opposition at the recent world championships in Belarus. What a mature decision.


1. kindredspiritks - 23, September 2010

Thank God!! My family are Americans; the Muslim religion lacks honesty, integrity, and a sharing existence in the world community of nations. In two words I can describe it: ( SELF-SERVING EGOMANIA.)
Nothing more to say about this disgusting group.

davidbroberts - 23, September 2010

How absurd, puerile, offensive and patently stupid.

2. ed - 24, September 2010

I think a little more time with the Count on Sesame Street is needed.

3. Joe Moe - 26, September 2010

Very good decision by the Yemenites. Definitely better to not even associate with these killers and thieves.

davidbroberts - 26, September 2010

How enlightened of you.

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