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NYT on Masdar 27, September 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in The Emirates.
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The New York Times has an article on Abu Dhabi’s ‘renewable city in the desert’ – Masdar.

Am I the only one who is cynical/mean-spirited enough to think that this – the NYT article – is essentially the whole point behind Masdar? I.e. the publicity and the kudos?

I say this in light of many factors, too numerous to mention here…so I’ll just go for this:

Energy use per capita

(UAE – Red; UK – Yellow; World – Blue)

and headlines like

Yes, obviously, Masdar could be their attempt to redress the balance but…I mean honestly…do you really think that they care about the environment whatsoever?


1. zaydoun - 27, September 2010

No you’re not alone 😉

2. xoussef - 27, September 2010

And it works right (the PR, not the city)? And it’s marginally more useful, or less wasteful than palm islands anyway.

davidbroberts - 27, September 2010

They’ve had some huge issues in management…foreigners coming in expecting one thing…the usual. I imagine that the tech will work.

What amuses me is the thought of a car-less city in the UAE. Can you imagine the size of the car-park on its outskirts? Can’t want for some cheeky juxtaposing pictures!

3. Abstract JK - 27, September 2010

Clearly, the residents’ daily commutes into Abu Dhabi for shopping trips will offset the carbon emissions saved by all of these fancy shmancy designs. But it is still cool. Where can I sign up?

4. Cristian Asher - 27, September 2010

Who cares what the reasoning is? This is a good idea, and should naturally lead to useful developments in designing for a reduced carbon footprint.

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