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On the UN’s newest Ambassador 28, September 2010

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As if the U.N. was not ridiculed enough already as a waste of space and money; as an organization out of touch with reality and about as much use as a chocolate fireguard, they have just gone and appointed an Ambassador to – sigh – aliens. Words fail to describe my contempt for this idea.

Hat tip: Everyone’s favorite Illionoisian Imam


1. sybil knox - 28, September 2010

“Take me to your leader”…do you think they’ll speak Arabic or English? 😉

2. Rohanv - 28, September 2010

What’s a chocolate fireguard? (I had to look it up. You could also say the UN is as outdated as that metaphor, eh? Boom!)

To be fair to them, though, I think the main thrust of her work involves promoting cooperation between countries who work in outer-space and attempting to solve the problem of space junk/debris. The alien thing is just a fun sideplot (who wants to bet everyone going to meet her asks her secretary to, “Take me to your leader,”?)

davidbroberts - 28, September 2010

Touche! Though I feel duty-bound to point out that that was, in fact, a metaphor, not a simile. 🙂

Indeed, the majority of her work appears to be somewhat normal or even useful. But you must understand that it’s so much more difficult to dredge up opprobrium about stuff that makes sense; far better to go for the cheap shot.

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