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Germany and Qatar 7, October 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Qatar.
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Deutsche Bhan, Germany’s über efficient national rail company, as been contracted to build up to 108 subway stations in and around Doha. Yes, 108 stations. In Qatar. Hmm.

One key motivating factor behind it is the World Cup in 2022: such a promised investment in a shiny new, relatively eco-friendly system is bound to act in Qatar’s favour.

The Qatar Tribune reports that it is expected to be completed in “phases over the next six years”. Only six years to rip up 108 massive chunks of ‘greater’ Doha and build stations? I think not.

Eventually, there will be:

  • Around 354km of rails
  • On which trains will run at speeds of 80 to 160kms per hour
  • Over ground rail which will cover 345km
  • These electric trains will run at 220-350km per hour
  • Qatar’s rail is expected to link up to the mooted GCC rail network by 2017

Also, Qatar and Germany signed a $500 million agreement heralding Qatar’s (curiously late) entrance to the Solar energy market.


1. xoussef - 7, October 2010

People would cope with a lot they wouldn’t otherwise for the sake of a world cup. And if that isn’t enough, they can remember them how obnoxious Dubaï is rubbing its shiny subway system in all GCC faces! They can’t enjoy that alone!!!

Seriously, it will very probably be scaled down and/or transferred underground. With the right motivation, Qatar usually don’t shy from costs. I don’t know what are the distances between proposed stops, but how can trains accelerate to 220-350km per hour and then brake to take passengers, then again, and again, and again?

2. Ahmed - 26, September 2011

This projecy has been made only for the sake of the World cup so the people in Qatar aren’t getting anything out of it.
I’m a Qatari and i’m wondering how this project and all the liquid wasted cash can be for my good!!!

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