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Qatar 2022: more stunning stadiums 7, October 2010

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While I don’t want to turn this blog into a Qatar 2022 promotion (as much as I’d like to see Qatar host the World Cup) I find it impossible to ignore that fact that Qatar 2022’s stadium plans are just stunning. Rarely can I remember seeing such beautiful designs on any drawing boards for any sporting competitions.

Here’s an earlier article on the pros and cons of Qatar’s bid.

Iconic Lusail Stadium (86,250)

To host the opening and final matches of the tournament

Umm Slal Stadium (45,120 -> 25,500)

Sports City Stadium (47,560)

Qatar University (43,520 -> 23,500)

Doha Port Stadium (44,950)

It is a wholly modular stadium, which is to say that it will be dismantled after the World Cup and shipped to developing countries for their infrastructure.

Education City Stadium (45,350)


1. xoussef - 7, October 2010

Stunning yes, and probably as expansive as they are beautiful.
Just curious though, how many Qatari architects and designers were involved in the conception of these (apart from the committee picking the cutest designs of course). Any idea?

davidbroberts - 7, October 2010

Not a clue. I’m guessing…2.

2. xoussef - 7, October 2010

You’re optimistic -__-

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