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Kuwaiti policeman converts to Christianity 8, October 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Kuwait.
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A Kuwaiti policeman has filed a lawsuit against the Ministries of Interior, Health, Justice and the Director of Civil Information to allow him to officially change his religion on all his documentation from Muslim to Christian.

At the age of consent – 18 years old – he chose Christianity and has followed its scriptures since.

This can not but cause a problem in Kuwait. Being a Muslim and willingly ‘leaving’ the region is seen – I believe –  as a serious crime in Islam. Given the perennial shenanigans in Kuwait’s Parliament it is surely only a matter of time before one of the Salafi MPs brings this up as an example of the moral decay of Kuwaiti society.

Christians are free to worship in Kuwait though I doubt very much whether they are allowed to proselytize.

Incidentally, I love the title of the first comment in reaction to this story in the newspaper:

Kill the apostate

All this reminds me of :

[do NOT watch it if you are religious and easily offended; it contains mild, good-natured mockery of Islam and Christianity which many people, despite its utter harmlessness, may find offensive.]


1. efren - 27, December 2011

May God bless Kuwait.

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