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Rich Iott’s Nazi photo 11, October 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in American ME Relations.

Rich Iott, a darling of the Tea Partyists, has been outed by an American magazine as a Nazi uniform wearer. He insists that he is just an historical buff that likes to play dress-up.

I’m always just staggered by these things. While there are various pictures of me floating around the web, none are worse than showing me with a goofy, merry smile. I make sure I keep my sordid hobbies private. How can this politician look at a camera like that and smile: truly how dumb is he that he thinks that it’ll never come out?


1. James - 11, October 2010

If it’s good enough for Prince Harry, it should be good enough for Richard.

2. Oliver Ross - 11, October 2010

For heaven’s sakes David B Roberts, get a life. He is standing arm in arm with a Royal Air Force officer in a kilt. This, in itself, is probably far more suspect than the WW2 German army uniform… Condemn – as I do – the Neo-Nazis (and all those who inspired them)of which there are a great many in the US and Europe, but for heavens sakes grow up, act your age and don’t waste your time on this trivia – “sordid hobbies” indeed!

davidbroberts - 11, October 2010


davidbroberts - 11, October 2010

I don’t really care that much about this though it doesn’t strike me as such a good idea. My main point is that for someone who longs for public life this is a manifestly stupid thing to do.

After all his supporters aren’t the smartest knives in the draw. Also, he s just taken away one of their favourite Obama bashing sticks.

3. Sky - 20, October 2010

Get an education people. Lot participates in historical re-enactments of WWII. Sometimes he is on the winning side, sometimes he is on the losing side.

thegulfblog.com - 20, October 2010

If he’s not intelligent enough to ‘picture’ the picture taken of him in a Nazi uniform and exactly how quickly that will zip around the world not if but when it gets out then, to use your clunky, unimaginative and somewhat irrelevant rejoinder, I think it’s not we here that need an education but Mr. Lott.

4. paul mitchell - 23, October 2010

You might want to do a little more research before posting. His name is NOT Rich Lott, it is Rich Iott, his last name starts with an I, not an L. But, just post what you have heard and read elsewhere, that makes you look competent.

thegulfblog.com - 23, October 2010


No need to be snippy. I’ve never heard of the man in my life and did have a quick check; obviously too quick a check though. Alas.

5. paul mitchell - 23, October 2010

Sorry, I did not not mean to be snippy, this is just such a non-story, it doesn’t bear mentioning, but the Democrats are desperate. As well they should be, destroying the economy as they did kinda made normal folks mad.

thegulfblog.com - 23, October 2010

All is well, thanks for pointing it out.

It is indeed a non-story. Occasionally as you can see, I like to post some comic relief stories. The right-wing in the US tend to offer something absurd every couple of weeks.

6. Curious George - 30, October 2010

I’m more interested in why the two Nazis on the right appear to be wearing leopard-print sarongs…

7. Anonymous - 6, November 2010

well they did call themselves the
National (“Socialist) Partei”..Didn’t they??

How many repressive regimes have called themselves
The Peoples Democratic Party..??

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