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Qatar: not paying its debts 5, November 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Qatar.
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Some time ago Foreign Policy had an interesting article on Qatar not paying money that it pledged. Specifically the article is referring to $40 million pledged to help Gaza via the UN in February, 2009.

None of it has arrived even after repeated requests from the UN. This, of course, does not make Qatar unique.

This is curious. Qatar survived the financial crisis in good condition and its economy is growing at around 20%, though I did hear rumours when I was last in Qatar that there was a curious liquidity problem in the country: seems there was quite some substance to rumour.

By now I would have expected that such international coverage would have prompted Qatar to pay its debts to avoid the negative headlines.



1. zaydoun - 5, November 2010

Qatar is more interested in cementing ties with Israel these days

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