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Nazi photo blunder 19, November 2010

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Update: This was not the actual photo used in the Airdrie article. This photo is seemingly just taken from stock. Its juxtaposition in the article is either a simple editorial oversight or a disgraceful piece of journalism by the J Post.

Airdrie United, a lower-tier Scottish football club, had the above photo on the front of their match-day programme to commemorate Remembrance Day. Underneath the photo was the strap line

Supporting Out Heroes

The problem is that this is actually (rather obviously) a photo of a group of Nazis. So near and yet really so, so far.



1. Anonymous - 24, November 2010

Out heroes? Springtime for Hitler

2. mr ed - 24, November 2010

in fairness to Airdrie, the jerusalem post is being a bit disgenuous using that photo of a group of Wehrmacht staff officers to illustrate the story. The actual image Airdrie used was of other rans leaning out of a train window which is a lot more obscure

You’d have to have watch a lot of Allo Allo to pick up the German uniforms there. - 24, November 2010

Thanks very much for pointing that out. I’ve included an update at the beginning of my article text.

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