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Bishop to bless gritters ‘to protect them’ 21, November 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in UK.
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In the English county of Lincolnshire, a Bishop is to bless the gritting lorries used to salt the roads in winter to protect them.

This is frankly the kind of medieval nonsense for which I usually mock Saudi Arabia. I suppose the silver line in the UK is that firstly, these bishop-type-people have no real power here and secondly, the vast majority of the people here reading this will think that this is some kind of absurd if quaint throwback. In Saudi, however…

The Right Reverend Dr John Saxbee, who retires in January, has blessed the county’s fleet each year since 2003.

He said past ceremonies had been followed by a reduction in road deaths, which was “perhaps not a coincidence”.


The more I think about this the more offensive I find it; as if s/he/it would make a choice to protect a bunch of trucks as opposed to the litany of real misery experienced by swathes of the planet. Priorities…anyone?