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The world rearranged by population 24, November 2010

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This map is taken from Foreign Policy which, it seems, found it floating around the internet.

The size of each country has been fitted (approximately) to the actual size of each country’s population. So the largest state on earth, Russia, has been given over to the largest population on earth, China.

Tunisia is lucky enough to have been allotted England while Tonga – bad luck – gets Wales. Palestine finally has its own country on the Adriatic. Sri Lanka becomes double land-locked, Bangladesh ironically becomes India, peace-nicks Canada get Pakistan, Germany takes control of oil as the new swing producer, Yemen stays where it (does that mean they theoretically have the perfect population-size ratio?), Iraq becomes land-locked in Africa bordering North Korea, the Falkland Islands move to a more tropical location and the UK sadly seems to have disappeared.

Hat tip: Our old friend Abstract JK.


1. xoussef - 24, November 2010

Nice job. I wonder if keeping north and south Korea attached was intentional?!

I would very much like to see a map actually matching the land with the maximum population it can sustain. Or reshuffling the countries so everyone gets a neighbour he likes (or don’t hate much, yet)…

2. Sandstorm - 26, November 2010

Aren’t we from the UK going to have a party ? Borders with Iran and Myanmar – whoops. And we have inherited Niger – which I think is one of the poorest countries on earth ??
Anyway – I can go with Kuwait to Senegal. Not sure how the Kuwaiti’s will manage without oil though.

thegulfblog.com - 26, November 2010

Badly. Very, very badly.

3. Steph - 29, November 2010

The UK hasn’t disappeared – it’s between Kenya, Mexico, Thailand and Iran.

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