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Qataris ‘can retire at 40’ 5, January 2011

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Qatar.
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A mooted new pension law in Qatar will allow Qataris with 15 years of government service to retire at 40.


If a state employee has, for instance, put in 15 years of service and his basic salary was QR10,000 and social allowance was QR3,000 at the time he retired, he would be entitled to a monthly pension of QR9,750. In case an employee is not able to continue in the job due to poor health conditions he would be entitled to full pension.

If anyone ever needs an example of the rentier state…I can scarcely think of a better one.

And in other ground-breaking news, a survey reports that Qatari men ‘shun housework’. No! You don’t say? Who’d have thought?



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