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UAE: largest scotch whisky consumer 21, January 2011

Posted by thegulfblog.com in The Emirates.
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(This is just a generic Whisky picture: I, of course, do not condone for one second putting ice in one’s Whisky…)

The Emirates has, according to a new survey, become the world’s biggest consumer of blended Scottish whisky, having just pipped France into second place. This is one pole position that the Emirati Government will not be bragging about.

This article was original posted on Arabian Business but – curiously – their link is now broken. How very strange…Here is what the original looked like (cached in Google cache) and now

Hat hip: Saq

Update: There are allegedly issues as to this story’s veracity. Perhaps it’s something to do with Dubai as a re-exporting venue: i.e. Dubai ergo Emirates imports all this whisky, but then re-export it to Asia and onwards…who knows?


1. xoussef - 25, January 2011

Quantities aren’t mentioned in the article, but if it surpasses 65 million France, surely it should be enough to put the whole population in ethylic coma.

There must be some truth to the re export explanation, but maybe not only to Asia 🙂

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