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Egypt’s Revolution on Twitter 22, February 2011

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Egypt.
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Qatar too? I think not 22, February 2011

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Qatar.
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A facebook group calling for a day of protests in Qatar on the 27th February has been set up. But, at the same time, let’s not forget that there is also probably a facebook group set up for those who are fans of 1930s Russian telegraph poles.

I would say that the chances of  mass angry protests are slim to nil. Maybe a few people will turn up with perhaps a placard or two: there are always those on the lunatic fringe of every society. The simple fact is that, as far as I see it, the majority of Qataris are more than happy and content with current arrangements.

Wholly aside from monetary issues, I think that there is a genuine affinity among most Qataris towards their Monarchy. Citizens are treated very well and the past 15 years have seen Qatar’s star rise inexorably, which is a source of considerable pride.

Hat Tip: CG