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Qatar too? I think not 22, February 2011

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Qatar.
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A facebook group calling for a day of protests in Qatar on the 27th February has been set up. But, at the same time, let’s not forget that there is also probably a facebook group set up for those who are fans of 1930s Russian telegraph poles.

I would say that the chances of  mass angry protests are slim to nil. Maybe a few people will turn up with perhaps a placard or two: there are always those on the lunatic fringe of every society. The simple fact is that, as far as I see it, the majority of Qataris are more than happy and content with current arrangements.

Wholly aside from monetary issues, I think that there is a genuine affinity among most Qataris towards their Monarchy. Citizens are treated very well and the past 15 years have seen Qatar’s star rise inexorably, which is a source of considerable pride.

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1. Sybil Knox - 22, February 2011

Agreed~Thank, goodness ;P

2. Sam - 23, February 2011

I agree with yor point,however, you must rememer that even if things were not as good in Qatar, Qataris will not protest or say anything atleast in public. Qataris are too nice, and very simple people who only recently woke up to find themselves in this world. They are also not confrontational, and do not know how to deal with conflict at any level, for most parts. In short, they are nice and content with what they have, and accept things the way they are. I knoow alot of Qataris since I worked there for sometime, and for that I respect them and find them one of the easiest people to trust and get along with in the region.

3. Sybil Knox - 23, February 2011

Interesting, Sam, but if Qataris were not “content” as you say they are (and I agree that they are), perhaps they would be more “confrontational”. Happy people do not revolt. I socialize with many locals on Twitter and they,like just about everyone else,call it as they see it. They fuss when they are not happy and sing when they are. No doubt, if the Government was stepping on their toes, they would be jumping on the bandwagon, but ergo ’tis not the case.

4. RohanV - 23, February 2011

If only the labour camps had facebook, eh?

thegulfblog.com - 24, February 2011

They would no doubt complain, but that’s about it, I’d say. While their conditions and pay are often poor, one simply can’t get past the fact that, well, they’re here. Sure, some of them were no doubt duped by unscrupulous agencies and would prefer to be home but this simply can’t be the case for the vast majority.

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