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Palin in Israel-Palestine blunder 21, March 2011

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Sarah Palin, the gaff-prone Inspector Clouseau-esque soccer mom from Alaska is currently embarking on a foreign tour to enhance augment burnish establish rustle-up cobble together bodge fake some foreign relations credentials before running for President of the US of A. Wonderfully predictably Palin has made a whopper of a gaff already.

On a visit to – equally predictably – Israel, she did not realise that Bethlehem is not actually in Israel but the West Bank. So when her motorcade began to approach an Israeli check-point to leave Israel it slowed, scratched its proverbial head, felt a sinking feeling in the pit of its stomach and then performed a U-turn, scurrying away.

The Israeli Defense Ministry noted that she had not made any request to visit the West Bank, as is customary on such visits.

Truly the thought of this incompetent having her finger on the nuclear button worries me.


1. xoussef - 21, March 2011

A world where with her as US president would bee very interesting… but I’m not anxious to experience it either.

2. Kel - 22, March 2011

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, this American says HELL NO! I have told my husband (who is very patriotic) that if that ignorant, moronic, gun slingin’ “pit bull soccer mom” becomes president, I’m immigrating to Canada! “You betcha” (insert my best media whore wink)

3. Lescribbler - 23, March 2011

Why are you insulting soccer moms? What have they ever done to you? Palin is a self aggrandizing, self serving, publicity-seeking delusional who’s value system is built on the foundations of political donations, xenophobia and ignorance. She couldn’t even aspire to be a soccer mom.

thegulfblog.com - 23, March 2011

Fair doos. Apologies all around (not to Palin, though…obviously).

4. Kel - 24, March 2011

Lescribbler, hahaha. I was talking about her really bad joke she told referring to herself during the election as McCain’s VP: “what’s the difference between a soccer mom and a pit bull?” – lipstick

5. Timothy - 9, April 2011

You can tell a lot about the intelligence of a country by the candidates of its major parties and the political ideas they peddle.

You may pick on President Palin, but the Republican Party has a stable of candidates that rival the skill of the famous Roman consul Incitatus!

If not Palin, Bachman, if not Bachman, Barbour, if not Barbour, Trump.

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