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The $3.7 million Qatari license plate 12, April 2011

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Qatar, The Emirates.
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A Qatari man with far too much money and way too little common sense has bought Qatar’s most expensive license plate. The registration ‘55555’ cost just under $4 million. I’ve never felt the urge to steal a license plate before just to inconvenience someone, now, however…

Still, I am sure that this guy feels hugely inadequate as compared to the Emirati who splashed the practically immoral sum of $14.3 million dollars for the licence plate ‘1’ in 2008.



1. Ahmed - 12, April 2011

I think it is a wonderful way for state transport authorities to earn money to infrastructure building and operations. Not that gulf states really need this surplus income, it does however prevent leakages from the economy. Better have the money stay at home rather than going to keeping afloat the dozens of new “designer firms” that have popped up in Europe in recent years. More countries should look at such forms of raising revenue for transportation infrastructure.

2. Mohamed S. - 12, April 2011

I’ve heard some of these massive auctions actually go to charity. Don’t know if this particular auction was for charity though.

thegulfblog.com - 12, April 2011

Ha! Very good point, if indeed that’s where the money goes.

3. xoussef - 12, April 2011

A fool and his money are soon parted, and it’s better that way I guess. I feel sorry for his relatives and acquaintances though, he must be insufferably vain.

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