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Jeddah’s mile high tower 14, April 2011

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Saudi Arabia.
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Plans are seemingly afoot to build a $26 billion mile-high sky-scraper perferator in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. It will be  something like twice as tall as the Burj Khalifah in Dubai which is already really rather tall.

This is the latest installment in the perennial game of mine’s-bigger-than-yours that goes on in the Gulf, be it with buildings, car license plates, cities or attractions.

This project will not go well and I would be surprised if it were built. Jeddah has suffered from devastating floods in recent years and I’d wager that its residents would far rather that its lake of human waste was properly dealt with than a staggeringly expensive substitute for someone’s masculinity was erected in the city. If this thing is built, it will soon become the symbol and very personification of the catastrophic waste and indulgence of Saudi Arabia’s elite.

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1. Paul - 14, April 2011

Allow me to indulge in amateur Freudian analysis: penis metaphor, penis metaphor, penis metaphor.

thegulfblog.com - 14, April 2011

How offensive of you!

2. xoussef - 14, April 2011

My sister just back from Umrah told me that apart from the Masjid al-Haram itself, the Clock towers and a few other buildings, the rest of the city is in a sorry state, and certainly doesn’t either fit its status nor the wealth of the country. Jeddah from last inundations footage doesn’t look good either. 26 billion, gosh! (Incidentally, spending that amount on education and basic services and infrastructure in Yemen seems to me a much more sound investment)

3. Curzon - 15, April 2011

Pretty sure this project was quietly canned more than a year ago.

4. altchadi - 15, April 2011

if they building the human been better than skyscraper

5. Jeddah’s mile high tower « The Gulf blog « Yahyasheikho786's Blog - 15, April 2011

[…] Jeddah’s mile high tower « The Gulf blog. […]

6. Mohamed S. - 18, April 2011

There’s always speculation about the tower, things like it was cancelled or severely downsized when tectonic and geological data showed that the area couldn’t support the tower. (and BTW it was to be built outside Jeddah in a new purpose built town.)

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