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Throwing money at ‘strippers’: a Saudi party 5, June 2011

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Saudi Arabia.
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This video puts my parties to shame. I just cook some food, put on some music (not too loud) and sit around and chat. Rarely do I invite tens of strippers and just about never do I toss around bundles of cash. Guess I’m getting old.

And lest any Brit watch this clip and get smugly smug, I remind you of this.

Iran builds pearl roundabout monument on disputed island 5, June 2011

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I can’t believe that I missed this when the story first broke.

Evidently the Iranians have a super sense of high mirth and constructed a fake ‘pearl roundabout’ as a monument to the epicenter of the Bahraini protests, which was subsequently destroyed in Manama. Moreover, not only did they ironically immortalize the roundabout, but they built it on the disputed island of Abu Musa, which the Iranians nabbed from the Emirates in 1971.