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Throwing money at ‘strippers’: a Saudi party 5, June 2011

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Saudi Arabia.
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This video puts my parties to shame. I just cook some food, put on some music (not too loud) and sit around and chat. Rarely do I invite tens of strippers and just about never do I toss around bundles of cash. Guess I’m getting old.

And lest any Brit watch this clip and get smugly smug, I remind you of this.


1. GN - 5, June 2011

rather loose use of the word ‘stripper’, isnt’t it? Seems more like an exceptionally flush if boring and somewhat sad version of normal singer-dancer-entertainer party. Can’t make out everything the entertainer is saying but it sounds pretty ordinary and above-board…

thegulfblog.com - 5, June 2011

You think so? Not that I have any experience of these things, but do you really think that that lady was not disrobed later on? I think that would take an exceptionally kind interpretation of the situation. Still, I’ve put in ‘ ‘ to convey (well, to me at least) a certain uncertainty.


2. Saudi Arabian Gold Diggers: Throwing Money at Strippers « بنسبة لنا - 6, June 2011

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3. Anonymous - 7, July 2011

gr8 enjoy life as it must be…..

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