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Least tasteful advert in history 16, June 2011

Posted by thegulfblog.com in North Africa.
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I’ve just stumbled upon this advert currently adorning the sides of buses in London. It’s from the Tunisian tourist authority and shows, as you can see, a semi naked woman getting a massage with the line next to it saying:

They say that in Tunisia, some people receive heavy-handed treatment

This is a revolting play on their recent struggles; directly and unequivocally playing on the brutality of their security forces.

I know they say that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but this must come close. Epically poor taste.

Hat tip: Matthew Teller


1. GN - 16, June 2011

I don’t agree, actually: the point that comes across is precisely that the prevailing notions – which are keeping people away – are no longer valid, and that it is again the spas and beaches that people can count on. Daring, and slightly risky (given your reaction!), but possibly quite effective.

2. Louise Baker - 16, June 2011

…and since 98% of the Tunisian population is Muslim, I wonder how most of them would feel about using a semi-naked woman to advertise and promote their country?

‘Controversial’ can often be effective in advertising but that doesn’t make it any less in poor taste.

3. D Lep - 17, June 2011

yeah, i agree with GN. this ad may be a bit risque, particularly for a Muslim country, but i think the point is well made and the ad’s not in terribly poor taste either. it’s highlighting the fact that ben ali is gone, and that tourists should now see themselves as more welcome than they were before.


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