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The Gulf Blog: curiously pigeonholed 10, July 2011

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Random.

Recently, my Gulf Blog email has been filling up. Every day I get a couple of unsolicited emails from various people or, more recently, PR agencies working for companies. It’s interesting to see how all this works.

I fear that thegulfblog.com has become pigeonholed as a reasonable successful minor blog which attracts some demographic or other which is useful and interesting to some company or other. I fervently imagine some PR company sitting in some slick, IKEA clad office waxing obsequiously to a prospective employer about how they have the pulse of a particular sliver of a demographic and the specific, highly nuanced, cultured and attuned ways of reaching said market.

The oddest thing is that the range of emails is astounding.

First, several months ago, I found myself on the AIPAC media list thing. I get loads of their guff about conferences and supporting any and all pro-Israeli policies coming out of Washington. Yet at the same time and to the same email address, I get emails letting me know that some European fashion designer is now designing clothes for some typical UK high street store which are now available in KSA.

I know that these two groups of people – blindingly pro-Israeli folk and people who care about some tubby fashion designer’s latest flick of the pen – are by no means mutually exclusive but it still seems somewhat odd. Curious times.


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