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UAE backheel penalty: tut tut 26, July 2011

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The clip below shows an Emirati player backheeling a penalty against Lebanon.

To those that perhaps don’t understand football culture, this is a shoddy thing to do. And it’s far worse and far more humiliating a thing to do if you’re already 6-2 up. Clearly, you’ve already wiped the floor with the opposition, to do something like this is wholly beyond the spirit of the game. Tut tut.

In any case, as any footballer will know (even a rubbish one like me), he makes a complete ass of himself doing so: it’s practically a mis-kick. If you want to see how to do this watch Totti below who did this in practice. Classy.


1. Troy Wearer - 27, July 2011

Not shoddy, not humiliating, just plain, downright arrogant. And (sadly) none of us should be surprised by that.

2. Ahmed - 27, July 2011

There is nothing foul about this kick, it’s just like bringing fun back into the game. Even the Lebanese were not offended.

And if it was a mis kick or what ever you wanna call it then the refree would have cancelled the goal.

We are just being a wuss and overly sensitive then any body else grow up people it’s just a game and enjoy it…

thegulfblog.com - 28, July 2011

You misunderstand. When I say it was a mis-kick, I meant that he nearly messed it up, not that it was an illegal kick.

As for bringing back fun into the game I profoundly disagree. I really think that it was an exceedingly shitty thing to do (please excuse my language). To my mind, it had a real sense of meanness to it. And if you thought that the Lebanese did not think that this was humiliating, I think that you’re staggeringly mistaken.

Though you are certainly correct on the last point, it is, of course, just a game.

3. Ahmed - 30, July 2011

Oh no, there is another Ahmed here!

4. Graham - 28, September 2011

Sadly the ‘scorer’ hit the news again when his car hit a truck on the way back from training in Al Ain this week and was killed instantly:


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