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On Inside Story 4, September 2011

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So here’s me on Inside Story. Not at my most erudite or convincing, but, frankly, I’m just mostly pleased that I didn’t swear.



Emirati women: modernity and modesty 4, September 2011

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Salon has a (vaguely) interesting slide show of pictures of Emirati women. To anyone who remotely knows the region, it will show you nothing remotely new. It is mostly, I think, for Americans who don’t know the Gulf to snigger at Emirati women buying or making dresses but not wearing them in public…but by far the most interesting picture is the one below.

Trying as I am to rack my brain now, I really don’t think that I’ve ever come across pictures of Gulfy women toting weapons. Nor, for that matter, does one see photos of disdahas toting guns. Curious (or not…).


Hat tip: Sultan Al Qasseimi

Is Berlusconi the worst leader of any major country? 4, September 2011

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asks Foreign Policy.

Yes. By far.