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Kuwait arrests Iraqi spy 8, September 2011

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Iraq, Kuwait.
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The fun and games between Kuwait and Iraq continue apace.

Latest developments include the arrest of a man ‘of Iraqi origin’ for some kind of intelligence links with Iraq. The chap apparently liven in Hawalli, my old area of Kuwait (aaah…Abou Khodor…you are missed…) and worked for a communications company.

It’ll not before long such a spy is found in Iraq, I am sure, secreting secret stuff back to Kuwait. The tit for tat nature of this saga continues.


1. xoussef - 8, September 2011

Well, if Kuwait isn’t spying on Iraq it’s an atrocious negligence, were I Kuwait, I’d be obsessed with Baghdad. But when real spies are caught, I doubt it ever leaks to the press, let alone be announced in a communiqué. Poor guy, he must have really looked the part to be chosen.

thegulfblog.com - 8, September 2011

Yup. I agree.

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