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Gaddafi forces capture 17 UK, French and Qatari ‘advisers’ 19, September 2011

Posted by thegulfblog.com in North Africa, Qatar.
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Reuters is reporting that Gaddafi loyalists have captured 17 mercenaries, as they describe them. Most are French but there are also some from the UK, Qatar and an unspecified Asian country, the initial report notes.

These ‘mercenaries’ are in fact ‘technical experts and consultative officers’ aiding the rebels in their advance on the last pockets of Gaddafi’s troops.

If it is subsequently confirmed, this will mark a potentially significant boost for pro-Gaddafi forces and a commensurate setback for Libya’s new government and its allies, not to mention causing consternation for the UK, France and Qatar.

It could prove to be rather embarrassing and difficult for Qatar, should the reports prove to be correct. It would confirm what has been long suspected and reported on – that Qatar has boots on the ground. And a Qatari getting directly caught up in these troubles many thousands of miles away may contribute to concerns in Qatar as to the significant level of Qatari involvement in Libya.

If some accommodation can be reached, Gaddafi would surely demand a high price given his deranged mental state and his recent toppling from power. This or a rescue operation by UK or French special forces is surely the most likely (positive) outcome.


1. Ahmed - 21, September 2011

al Jazeera showed footing of the QAF C-17 transports in Benghazi unloading ammunition, humanitarian supplies, Toyota land cruiser 4×4’s and also a fresh rotation of a military police unit. They ARE there. the men were shown on camera loading on the plane to head back from their tour and their replacements were there also. Mind you, all where in plain clothes.
I cant remember if I saved the link, I wouldnt be surprised if someone thought it would be best to take it down. it was on the website over two months ago.

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