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Al Qaeda & FARC Colombian rebels in alliance? 4, January 2010

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Yes, or rather I mean, no, I didn’t mis-type that, there are reports of Al Qaeda – you know, the angry Islamic ones – entering into some kind of alliance with the drug-dealing folk in Colombia.

…criminal organizations including the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, are going through Africa to access the European market. And they are doing it with the help of al-Qaeda and other groups branded terrorists by Washington, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Mmm….I suppose they contacted directory inquiries for [or, if you’re in the states, asked for the 411 on] Al Qaeda International HQ . From there, after being caught up in the bureaucracy for a while (you know how it is in large organizations), they would have been passed down to a local regional office. After several meetings, some dinner and drinks, a competitive deal would have been struck over cigars and brandy, perhaps on a Golf Course. Of course, FARC’s great advantage was that, at the last minute in a calculated ploy to drive down the Al Qaeda  Inc.™ price, they dropped into conversation that they were also in contact with ETA, the Japanese Red Brigade and Gary Glitter as other possible conduits. On hearing this, the local rep. phoned CEO OBL, reposing in his state-of-the-art cave, explained the situation and was reluctantly told to meet FARC’s new, lower price. Dastardly negotiators, those FARC people.