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April Fool’s day 1, April 2010

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I’ve mentioned the best ever April Fool’s Day joke before – here – but this classic BBC one is fairly good too.

Qatar to stop selling alcohol? 20, February 2010

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Rumors are afoot that Qatar’s only off-license where residents can purchase alcohol is to close for good. At the moment, the office is not issuing any new licenses, though this is theoretically only a temporary measure. However, thirsty locals are clearly fearing that this is but the beginning. Yet, so far as I can see, this supposition is based on essentially nothing: typical ex-pat gossip.

I’ve always thought that Qatar’s way of handling alcohol was rather mature. The country needs foreign ex-pats. Such workers tend to want to buy and consume alcohol. Instead of the ridiculous situation in Kuwait where people simply buy alcohol on the black market, try to smuggle it in or make it at home, in Qatar the monthly ration seems to be a good idea. Whilst personally I don’t much care either way, here’s hoping that sense prevails.

On a similar note here’s a link to the best April Fool’s Day joke ever. Hook, line and sinker, it worked 100% on me when I saw it in the Kuwait Times back in 2007.