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Arab sentiment towards Iran 28, August 2011

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For some time now I’ve waffled on about Arab views towards Iran (x x x). Fear not, I’ll not bore you again with the same old stuff.

However, I have stumbled across what is perhaps the perfect cliché of ‘Arab’ sentiment towards Iran.

Not for one second would I say something as daft as ‘all Arabs’ view Iran in this way. Those on this side of the Gulf are, needless to say, on a spectrum ranging from those that are aware of, for example, the lack of evidence of Iranian perfidy in Bahrain to those on the more lunatic fringe as perfectly encapsulated by Khalif Al Habtoor’s sentiments.

Where exactly most locals on this side of the Gulf are located is, of course, the million dollar question. The best that I can do is to lackadaisically and imprecisely note that most people, in my humble estimation, lie somewhat nearer Habtoor than not. Should anyone have any mystical way to quantify this unquantifiable issue, do let me know; it would be most appreciated.

Hat tip: AS

Arab-Persian Gulf shenanigans 15, August 2010

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Shiraz’s mayor (in a desperate bid to ingratiate himself to Iranian hardliners) has called “for action” against Bahrain’s Gulf Air for…have a guess…not using ‘Persian’ in the name of the Gulf.

He insists that Iranian passengers have been complaining about the name. Who can imagine the mental scarring that such a travesty causes them? Poor lambs.

Airlines have been the source of constant issues. Qatar Airways got in trouble earlier last month for using the wrong name for a city in Iran. All Gulf airlines sporadically cause issues as they do not call the body of water the Persian Gulf but the Gulf or the Arabian Gulf. The temerity.